Two Aircraft

Recurrent / 61.58 training

L39/L29 Recurrent/61.58 Ride

Any rating in a turbojet-powered aircraft requires you to perform a pilot proficiency check annually in order to maintain the ability to carry passengers, and the L29 and L39 are no different. After your initial qualification, you’ll need to schedule annual recurrent training and a 61.58 checkride. Up and Ready Flight Support is happy to continue to provide any recurrent training as well as the checkride with our DPE who is on staff!

L39 Training Complete
  • Recurrent training to proficiency (1-2 hours on average)
  • Ground Training as required
  • All equipment is provided
  • L39 wet hourly rate including instructor $2850 (our aircraft)
  • L29 wet hourly rate including instructor $2350 (our aircraft)
  • Instructor daily rate in your aircraft $1500 plus travel expenses
  • On-staff DPE to conduct 61.58 checkride
  • Examiner fee for 61.58 ride $1000 plus travel expenses